Make Screen Time Lean Time

You hear it all the time, parents are so worried about their tykes and teens spending inordinate amounts of time on games, watching television or glued to their phones and other mobile devices, they constantly try to come up with ways to get them “up and moving.”  They fear their sedentary habits are contributing to the obesity problem in America, and they want to do everything they can to get their young ones away from the screen and into the outdoors.  But repeated studies show the problem might not be what they are watching, but how they are watching.  A study done by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that the tripling of obesity rates in children probably has more to do with what they eat than the time they spend sitting in front of their device of choice.  The irony is that there is results that prove that the children who watched active video games were actually raising their metabolism and burning as many calories as walking, or in some cases, even more.

Parent who are really concerned about weight loss can always turn to the services of a well-known service like Weight Watchers.  Their programs are tailored to help members lose weight and keep it off.  They offer support for those who have trouble sticking to their weight loss goals, or find themselves in situations that make it hard to set clear goals and stick to them.  And they also find that using Groupon to purchase the plans offer the additional advantage of saving money off their personalized programs which make them cost effective for the whole family.  Through Groupon you can save you as much as 30{e19e20274b61e590bc6b6c67bf293c9faea11feead35162529abf5867e7c5d2c} off.  You can join for free and get a discount on a three-month membership, and while no food is off limits, they will work with you to provide you with clues to why you eat the way you do.

Today, 1 in 3 American children and teens is overweight or obese making obesity the number one health concern of parents in America, so they are right to be concerned about a child who sits for hours playing a game that appears to offer little to no health benefits.  But by combining a healthy choice of snacks, meals and supplements, parents can alleviate some of their worry.  And by better understanding the real benefits of playing video games such as those that improve dexterity, critical thinking, team building and confidence, they can feel better about the hours their child spends in front of any screen in the house.